About Us

India, the land of vividness and rich heritage are known for its incredible art form. Art and craft of the nation are as fascinating and grand as of its tradition. Somewhere people feel that the incredibility of art is not as glorified as it deserves. It is not that people in India are not passionate about creativity or art forms; rather, it can be claimed that these things are not explored strategically as it should have been.

We at ethnicpip.com can be the exclusive platform for the greatest collections of Indian art and handicrafts. We are committed to bring the uniqueness of Indian art from very remote villages of the nation and many towns to you at one place. We can be your one-stop destination for incredible Indian art forms and products with the wide assortment of product offerings we have in store for you. We also help customers make the most of our appealing collection of art products sourced from many qualified and unrecognised artisans from all over the country.

Our Mission

To make the incredible Indian heritage and rich art form reach people at its ultimate grandeur, we have come up with this exclusive e-commerce store. Keeping in view the growing digitisation of the nation, we thought this medium could be explored smartly for making the art forms from all corners of the nation available among the masses.

We feel there are an enormous love and passion towards the authentic Indian tradition and handicraft; all that it needs is to make things organised. And, we believe our exclusive online platform can be effective enough towards making the right things available with truly passionate people. Specifically, our platform is made aiming to find out artisan from even the very rural places, and provide them a global level scope. Through the process, we aim at helping the economically backward artisan.

Our aim is to provide users with a different yet amazing collection of traditional art and craft products. At the same time, we are also committed to help the artisans get the right price for their work. We have a long term objective of making every Indian artisan recognised all over the world by featuring their work on our website. This also indicates towards our overall objective of helping artisans get financial stability.

Our Vission

Our vision has been to take the uniqueness of Indian heritage and art form to a global level. Ethnicpip is the first step towards it to make it glorified among the Indians first.