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Handmade Lavancha / Vetiver / Khus root Chappal

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Vetiver or khus (Vetiveria zizanioides) is a tall, perennial grass. It produces spongy, much branched, root system (khus roots) with fine rootlets, containing a fragrant oil which is a perfume by itself. The dry aromatic roots are also used to make curtains, mats, fans and other fancy goods as the product emits a sweet cooling aroma for a long period when moistened. Wearing this chappal gives health benefit like it heals the cracked heal, reduce the excess heat from your body. Ideal to use inside home





Place of Origin

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

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Product Dimension( W x H x D) cm 2 x 23 x 6
Product Weight 100 gm
Product Material Lavancha / Vetiver
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Worth buying!
I thought the chappals wouldn't have much strength at the finger grip. When I am using it, I got to know that it is quite tough.
Aarti rao Certified Buyer
Jan 28, 2020
Good buy !!!
These bilingual pair of chappals looks like a combination of traditional and trendy. I ordered one pair.
Chaya Sharma Certified Buyer
Jan 24, 2020