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Natural Earthen Mitticool Clay Handi With Two Handles 1.5 Liter , Curd Pot 500ML, Tea Cup Set of 6 :100 ML And One Simple Tawa With 9 Inch Handel :Special Combo Pack For Healthy Life

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Use these ‘one-of-a-kind’ clay pots to cook many kinds of dishes like cooking rice, boiling vegetables to make curries, soups and your favorite dishes. Cook 100% healthy, 100% non-toxic food for you and your family with these beautiful unglazed clay pots. Preserves the natural taste of food Very easy to use & wash Variety of health benefits Microwave Safe Use for Serving & Cooking In Mitticool earthen clay curd pot, you can store the curd up to 3 to 4 days. You will get a delicious and natural taste while making curd in the Mitticool pots. Buy earthen clay curd pot with cap online. The Cups are attractive and simple tawa is essential kitchen accessories.





Place of Origin

Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Craft Type

Terracotta and Pottery craft

Product Category

Kitchen and Dining

Product Sub Category

Earthen Cookwares
Product Description Advantages: It gives natural taste to the food. This mitticool Biryani pot retains the flavor of the nutrition. It is hygienic and natural. How to use: Before you start cooking in the cooker pan, fill the pan with water or buttermilk for 2 days, which gives the pan better strength. You can serve that water or buttermilk with the meal. After you wash do not straight ways put the cooker on the stove Allow it to dry for a while. While you wash, soak the cooker in boiled water for about an hour to retain its strength and then use sponge to clear stains. It is advised to check the lid is properly tight before use
Product Dimension( W x H x D) cm 18 x 12 x 18
Product Weight 600 gm
Product Material Clay
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Happy Customer
Best utility for cooking. It was gifted by my son.
Vijaya Lakshmi M Certified Buyer
Feb 17, 2020
Earthy Brown
It reminds me the olden days of India. I am lucky to prepare food in this container in these modern days.
Shambavi A Certified Buyer
Jan 21, 2020