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Black Pottery 2 Piece Detachable Flower Vase

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Flower Vase with Silver Inlay on clay





Place of Origin

Ranchi, State of Jharkhand

Craft Type

Black Pottery

Product Category

Home Decore

Product Sub Category

Flower Vase
Product Description Black is Ethereal. Only a few crafts bring out the truth of this thought as beautifully as the art of lustrous black pottery. Originating in the Kutch region of Gujrat, the soul of the craft now lies in the dexterous hands of the Kumhaars or potters of Nizamabad who beautifully combine utility with art. This is a perfect amalgamation of concept, design and execution and it is no wonder why this art has withstood the test of time.
Product Dimension( W x H x D) cm 12 x 30 x 12
Product Weight 940 gm
Product Material Clay
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