Step 1: Get valid tax documentation ready (GST number and/or PAN for business)

Once you register, you need to provide your GST Number/GST ID (If your product is tax exempt, you must provide PAN details relevant to your business)

Not mandatory if you don’t have the GST number.

Step 2: Self Registry

You need to register with ETHNICPIP as "Seller".You can register as a Company, NGO or Individual. On successfull register you can start adding your products. There is no limit to add your products.

Step 3: Configure shipping options

Choose the shipping service which suits you best. You can select from shipping options like:

  • Easy Ship – Have the product packaged and ready once you receive an order, and ETHNICPIP will collect the product from your doorstep and deliver it to the customer.

Step 4: Bank details and account setup

Update your bank account details. Setup basic account information like invoice address, customer service contact etc. ETHINICPIP will take care of your payment in a seamless and timely manner, with regular payments directly to your bank account.

Start Selling Products Online

Once you register, you can always contact the Seller Support Team in case you need help. Registering and launching yourself as a seller on ETHNICPIP is a very easy process.