Tovick Wall Decor MDF-Medium Density Fiber Wall Mounting 4 circular Shape Wall MDF (Medium Density Fiber) Wall Shelf

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Wall Shelf Rack Set Of 4 Circular shape and White is nice and charming and a great storage option. The set of 4 Shelves /Racksshelves look great on both subtle and colored walls. Easy to position on the wall, you can mount them separately or grouped together. Crafted from the MDF and having metallic paint, these shelves contain 4 circular Shape boxes. They will turn a dull wall into a feature and are suitable for any room in the home. With one of the most simple and effective way to decorate your living room/ Kids room! Ideas for you to create another life! You can also make a simple moment of vitality double room..





Place of Origin

Bangalore, Karnataka

Craft Type

Wooden Craft

Product Category

Home Decore

Product Sub Category

Wall Shelf
Product Dimension( W x H x D) cm 38 x 30 x 10
Product Weight 500 gm
Product Material Fiber
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